Physiotherapy, therapy by hand
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Our physiotherapy center has all the up-to-date equipment for recovery, which we use and apply safely.

The latest therapeutic approach should be made based on the proper choice of therapeutic means so as to address each condition according to its needs.

We have therapeutic means such as the following...

⊙ Electrotherapy
⊙ Magnetic therapy
⊙ Hydrotherapy
⊙ TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
⊙ Infrared Radiation
⊙ Iontophoresis
⊙ Ultrasound
⊙ Orthopedic recliner device
⊙ Electric massage
⊙ Paraffin bath therapy
⊙ Static pedal bike
⊙ Electroacupuncture
⊙ Neuromuscular stimulation for nerve palsy
⊙ Biofeedback